• The Extra Grip Bundle Contains

    • Sticky Pole Bodysuit
    • Sticky Pole Leggings
    • Extra Grip Knee Pads (with/without Garter)
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  • Why should I buy this bundle?

    This bundle contains everything you need to stay "sticky" and have an extra grip on the pole.

    With these products, you will be as agile as a gekko.

    Most importantly, the bundle gives you an additional 10% discount on these products. See below for more information.

Double discount: additional 10% off for this bundle

We offer additional 10% discount for any orders over $200. Just add these items in your cart and the double discount will automatically apply during checkout.

Note: the "Extra Grip Gekko Knee Pads with Garter" can be changed to "Extra Grip Gekko Knee Pads" based on your preference. The addtional 10% discount still applies.