Our Vision

A pole store made by pole people. Pole Gekko is an Australian brand designed by pole dancers to bring form, function and beauty to the community. Pole is a lifestyle. It empowers; it inspires; it remakes. We just LOVE pole.

Pole Gekko is an expert in the field of sticky pole. The raised silicone lets you effortlessly grip the pole, lets you do tricks you didn't think possible, your own pole superpower. The raised silicone gives you the edge. With our help and products you will excel.

Our motto is ‘We live by our quality’ as well as ‘the cheapest always’, and of course $10 shipping world-wide. 

Our Products

We have made our OWN sticky pole wear. We have spent over two years developing silicone on our products that makes us a world leader in this technology. We always have raised silicone on all our sticky products, because we believe without raised silicone, it is not sticky pole wear. Our leggings, bodysuits and the new Superior knee pads and shorts all have silicone and can be found in the sticky pole section. Our knee pads are designed to keep you safe on the pole, while maintaining the agility of a Gekko. 

Our Promises

We will always give free shipping to orders over 70 USD or 100 AUD and extra 10% discount on any order over $200, which can be further combined with on sale products to create double discounts. We also provide $10 shipping world wide to smaller orders and a 30-day money back guarantee.

At Pole Gekko we believe in using eco packaging, cruelty free products and all our products are vegan friendly. We are very focused on the environment. We use compostable packaging from Heaps Good and are involved with Ecologi to plant a tree for every order reducing carbon every time you make a purchase.

Would you like to become our next happy customer?