• The Pro Bundle Contains

    • A pair of Lush Boots or a pair of Disco Boots
    • A pair of Extra Grip Knee Pads (with/without Garter)
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  • Why should I buy this bundle?

    The Lush Collection of velvet boots is filled with elegance, luxury and style. The Extra Grip Knee Pads keep you agile and safe on the pole.

    Most importantly, the bundle gives you an additional 10% discount on these products. See below for more information.

Double discount: additional 10% off for this bundle

We offer additional 10% discount for any orders over $200. Just add these items in your cart and the double discount will automatically apply during checkout.

Note: the "Extra Grip Gekko Knee Pads with Garter" can be changed to "Extra Grip Gekko Knee Pads" based on your preference. The addtional 10% discount still applies.